What data is needed?

All of the reports with the exception of the Discipline Analysis rely entirely on the CALPADS files your district already produces and sends to the CDE. Use the table below to figure out which files are needed.

CALPADS files can be produced from your SIS by you or your IT department or downloaded directly from CALPADS. The file specifications can be found on the CALPADS System Documentation page.

The Custom Discipline Extract needed for the Discipline Analysis report can be produced from your SIS. Download a sample here.

  Disproportionality Study Discipline Analysis LRE Summary Suspension Summary
Student Information (SINF)
Student Enrollment (SENR)
Special Education (SPED)
Student Programs (SPRG)
Student Incident (SINC)
Student Incident Result (SIRS)
Student Offense (SOFF)
English Language Acquisition (SELA)
CALPADS REPORT 5.7 extract
CALPADS REPORT 5.9 extract
Custom Discipline Extract
Include all office and low-level discipline data (e.g. Incidents, Referrals, Dispositions, etc.). For the most accurate results include everything (Yes, even the stuff that doesn't get reported to CALPADS). Please use this: file specification